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Concept Development – Visual Exploration/Sketchbook

In my previous mind map I highlighted certain areas which motivated me as an artist and what I like visually… These area’s include:

Fine Art

Graphic Design

Interactive Media/Art

Video Games

I really like the idea of graphic design, mixed with fine art with marketing value – I think it’s something challenging and intriguing as an artist, if I can fit this in with video games I think I can come up with an interesting concept.

However another area I am interested in which I feel stands out or clashes with the topics above is fashion.

This is an area of art that I feel very passionate about and I feel it affects all of the areas I have listed above. It is a really niche area, but most of all in the context of games it is very overlooked.

Below is sketchbook page that highlights my interest in fashion. I’ll be ”sketchbooking”more ideas and blogging about the other areas that interest me as an artist, visually.

Please click the the thumbnail for full view.

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Mind Map Take 2

Below is a more detailed mind map of a specific area in games: user interface.

The mind map is quite extensive as I tried to cover three main areas which steam from UI design in games: aesthetics/art, human interaction and game production/design.

An interesting study would be to look at all three areas, but the area which interests me the most is the art/design side and the different groups/demographics in relation to style.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to concentrate in this area and possibly create another mind map that is more specific.


Click thumbnail for a bigger picture..


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Mind Map – Take 1

The mind map below is a visual representation of the database I posted earlier here (

I wanted to visually link all my interests and subject areas together to see which concepts overlap each other.

For Concept Development, I want to take apart each concept and explore them in greater detail and try to find out more about the concept(s) itself as a practice and see if I can introduce a possible project outcome.


(click for a bigger view)


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Professional Practice – Database Plan

There are a lot of areas and ideas that I have that I could use for my mind map – a logical step for me was to write down all the subject areas I was interested in and try to apply them to a professional practice / industry.

From these areas of interest I can create links of related concepts that I’d be able to research and hopefully come to a conclusion of a possible research project.

The link to the database is located here :

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